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Youth Student Graduate Employment in Europe

November 25, 2013

Comment from Global Compass on prospects of younger generation of Europeans, not very optimistic: “European Dream” Is out of Reach for Current Generation By Global Career Compass on November 20, 2013 We’ve all been aware of the un and under-employment of recent college grads in Spain and Greece whose unemployment rates for people ages 15-24 is staggering at 55% […]

University Graduate Unemployment Europe UK

October 27, 2013

From The Independent ‘A PhD with your coffee? Barista serving your drink might bebetter educated than you are. A ‘lost generation’ from recession-hit Europe flocks to Britain to seek work – and finds it’s not always what they hoped it would be. Nothing tastes quite as good as a coffee brewed by an expert barista. […]

Australija Studiranje u Inostranstvu Konkurs za Stipendiranje

October 3, 2013

Australija “Future Unlimited” Studiranje u inostranstvu Konkurs za stipendiranje.   Za više informacija kliknu na AIEC Australijanac Međunarodni Obrazovanje Centar Budimpešta.

Study Communication Arts Film Business Tourism in Budapest Hungary Europe

August 6, 2013

Why Study in Budapest? Bachelor and Master degrees granted by Hungarian higher education institutions are recognized in all EU countries affordable living costs – good value for money multi-cultural city safe environment free movement within the European Union “Schengen Zone” European heritage combined with a cosmopolitan lifestyle “World’s best cultural and entertainment venues for the […]

International Students Skew Graduate Population Data

July 1, 2013

International Students Boost Graduation Rates. Foreign students have a marked impact on estimated graduation rates, according to the compilers of the Education at a Glance report. By definition, the students are considered first-time graduates, regardless of their previous education in other countries. So an international student who enters and graduates from a second-degree programme will […]

Study Abroad Europe University Degree in Prague

June 17, 2013

Anglo-American University (AAU) is the oldest private university in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1990, shortly after the collapse of communism, as the Anglo-American College (AAC) by Jansen Raichl and Dr. Vlasta Raichlová. Their vision was to create an educational institution that would combine the best of American and British academic principles with […]

Study Work in Australia and Europe

May 2, 2013

The Australian International Education Centre AIEC QUEST Bt. is an education consultancy dedicated to providing education and training related services in the EU, Turkey and Australia, for Study inAustralia, Hungary, Turkey, America and Britain. AIEC is managed by an Australian education professional Andrew Smith (M. Ed.  “Aussie Specialist”) who spends time between Central Europe, Turkey and Australia. […]

Tanulj Ausztráliában Munka Utazás Él

April 24, 2013

AIEC – QUEST Bt. Australian International Education Centre. Az AIEC-t 2000-ben alapította az ausztrál Chris Bridge, és 2004-ben vette át a szintén ausztrál Andrew Smith.   Az ausztrál háttér és a magyar tanácsadás biztosítja hogy diákjaink hozzájutnak minden információhoz amire szükségük lehet.  Cégünk elsõsorban olyan diákoknak tud segítséget nyújtani, akiket ausztráliai nyelvtanfolyamok, szakképzések, fõiskolai és […]

Education Marketing Turkey Europe

September 16, 2012

AIEC is commencing digital marketing campaigns in Central Eastern Europe and Turkey this month promoting study in Australia and Europe, and meetings institutions and stakeholders. AIEC is attending student education event run by students on campus at Budapest Technical University October for both local and international students.  AIEC is also liaising with ESSCA Ecole de […]

Turizem Gostinstvo Študija in dela v Avstraliji

January 31, 2012

Turizem, gostinstvo in hrano Avstralije industrije so naše največje industrije, predvsem zaradi naše mesto v Aziji, v “azijskih Century”. študij, delo in potovanje v Avstraliji obstaja veliko možnosti:  kratke tečaje usposabljanja, angleški tečaji, prostovoljno delo, ekološke kmetije, azijski jeziki, spričeval, diplom, stopinj (z prenašanja kreditnih točk), mojstri in plačane pripravništva v kulinarični upravljanja industriji, hotel, […]


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