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Australia International Student Market Down, Collapse, Word of Mouth and Internet for Regions?

Australia Student Market Down, Word of Mouth Internet Regions

AUSTRALIA: Indian student market has collapsed. The Indian market for Australian higher education has already collapsed. It is down to less than 20% in most of the Indian states because of the attacks on Indian students followed by change in the mindset of the visa processing teams from why to reject to why to issue a visa.Full letter on the University World News site.

AUSTRALIA: Collapse spreads around global village. News spreads fast in the global village created by the World Wide Web. And bad news always travels that much more quickly than any other kind as the Australian government found to its likely cost this month when a Chinese-owned company called the Global Campus Management Group that ran a series of vocational education colleges in Melbourne and Sydney for foreign students suddenly shut its doors and went into voluntary liquidation.

High schools lose foreign students as fees, fears rise. VICTORIAN high schools have suffered an unexpected drop in enrolments by foreign students, prompting new fears for the state’s $4 billion international education industry. Melbourne universities and training colleges have been in the spotlight this year after a string of violent attacks on Indian students and the closure of several disreputable colleges. But the latest Federal Government figures suggest high schools, not tertiary institutions, are bearing the brunt of falling enrolments – and cost seems to be the main factor.

All sectors will have falling numbers due to knee jerk reactions in Australia to violence against Indians, study to PR system issues, rapid population growth etc., but the good news is that it should lead to falling house prices🙂

Like how markets, cities, regions etc. can lose interest, attract less visitors and interest (while ignoring the most important communication channels, i.e. word of mouth and the internet), some regions of Australia are losing their own young, while doing so blaming the internet!

Have regions etc. ever thought of using the internet to increase their profile nationally and internationally, to attract awareness, interest, visitors and new residents? Me thinks not…

Internet blamed as Burdekin youth drift away. SOCIAL networking sites on the Internet have been blamed for a drift of young people away from the Burdekin Shire area. James Cook University demographer Dr Sue Bandaranaike said that in the 12 months from June 2007 to June 2008 the Burdekin recorded a population change of minus 90.

She said social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook were exposing young people in rural areas to the wonders of the wider world. She said young people were leaving their home areas to live in cities not just in Australia, but around the world as a result of contacts and information they made and recorded on the Internet.

Has the region considered using the internet to increase awareness and attract interest from rest of Australia and internationally?

Hard times for easy-living communities. YOUNG couples who buy into outer-suburban housing developments often cannot afford to live there, have limited career choices and struggle without close family support, research shows. Drawn to the large, modern family homes, and the idea that they are ”pioneers” of the easy-living area, residents pay higher-than-average mortgages, rely heavily on cars, and take on unsustainable work arrangements.

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