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Australia News PhD, Population, Education and India Media

Australia New University Research Students, Migration and India

AUSTRALIA: Many foreigners but few PhDs. So difficult has life become for Australian PhD and masters by research students that the numbers starting the degrees are falling and completion rates are among the lowest in the developed world. At the same time, foreign student commencements in PhD degree courses have rocketed by 125% over the past six years.

Is this a sympton of lower levels of maths science competency of high school graduates, and career guidance during their teenage years?

Queensland to draw up migration plan to curb population. Government is set to draw up a migration plan for the state that could act as a brake on southeast Queensland’s rampant population growth while ensuring regional centres receive a steady supply of skilled workers. Premier Anna Bligh said the plan would allow Queensland to choose which skilled migrants settled in the state.

Do we a hear a “dog whistle” here? Surely the QLD government is some years too late in commencement of migration and population planning as population growth is probably now decreasing?

You pay to prove we’re not racist. State Government spends $250,000 for Indian journalists to be flown to Australia. Taxpayers are paying $250,000 for Indian journalists to be flown to Australia to help fight a public relations battle over attacks on Indian students. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, through its international media visits budget, is paying flight and five-star accommodation bills of $10,000 for each of 25 Indian reporters from the subcontinent to take tours of Australia, focusing on Melbourne.

Begs the question, what have the $100 million of taxpayer money spent annually on overseas travel, hotels and allowances by universities, TAFE, DFAT, Austrade, AEI, DEEWR, State Departments of Education and Tourism bodies etc. been used for if not promoting the same to India and Asia (while not using the internet for economic and effective communication and marketing)?

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