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Backpackers Harvest Work GFC

Backpackers flock to the fields as GFC makes hospitality work scarce in the cities

The global financial crisis is forcing backpackers to look for harvest work due to a shortage of hospitality and bar jobs in cities, according to National Harvest Labour Information Service (NHLIS) manager Robert Cameron.

Cameron told the Weekly Times the NHLIS was receiving more than 1000 phone calls a day from backpackers looking for seasonal work. He said the GFC had reduced spending on discretionary items such as eating out, making hospitality jobs hard to come by and forcing backpackers into the fields.

One Response to “Backpackers Harvest Work GFC”

  1. There are lots of job opportunities for travellers to Australia on working holidays and we’ve listed some of these in our recent blog –
    One of the most popular jobs are the harvest jobs which are available pretty much year round all over the country. Simply ring the hotline number and they’ll give you the details.

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