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My University Quality Ranks Australia

The Federal Government has unveiled plans for a new website rating Australia’s universities, based on the My School site launched last month. Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard says students choosing a university need more reliable information and the website will lead to better education standards across the country. The site will publish information on student performance, and list the courses and facilities available at each campus.

DENISE Bradley has backed federal Education Minister Julia Gillard’s plans for a My University website, arguing it is in line with the new “student demand-driven” system being rolled out. There are concerns that complex information on a university’s performance, such as the varied academic background of commencing students, could be taken out of context and lead to simplistic judgments…. The government, meanwhile, is considering introducing a university experience questionnaire aimed at gauging the opinions of first-year students.

The last sentence is critical, the site must not become a sales/promo vehicle based on size, numbers etc. but be more marketing oriented, i.e. include information based upon quality and stakeholder input i.e. students, community and employers.

Quality is what the users specify, not the providers.

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