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Under Graduate Work Skills and Experience

University Student Job and Work Skills

One-third of undergraduates consider quitting. ALMOST one-third of undergraduate students have seriously considered quitting their course, according to a study examining the quality of learning in Australia’s universities. The behavioural inventory of what students do in their courses reveals worrying levels of disengagement and poor preparation for the workforce.

Uni survey finds job focus is missing
. MORE than half of Australia’s university students have never talked about their career plans with their teachers, according to a study that could change the way university courses are taught. The findings of the Australian Survey of Student Engagement reveal that many undergraduates feel ill equipped to enter the workforce.

No surprises here….. one would almost always recommend a younger person to work before committing full time to university, and gain (life) experience before making an expensive choice. Would be interesting to know in Australia what advice parents, school and tertiary counsellors are offering youth? Even more so with fees, better for the majority to study via Vocational VET pathways, part time and or off campus, but then are universities in their present form a dying species?

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