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Orange to colour Indian race relations a rosy glow. MESSAGES, Samuel Goldwyn famously said, should be sent by Western Union, not filmmakers. But the producers of Indian movie Orange, which is shooting in Melbourne, would beg to differ. That was a view state Education Minister Bronwyn Pike, who visited the set yesterday, was happy to hear. ”There’s been an impression created in some quarters that Melbourne isn’t a safe and welcoming city, and I’m just delighted to be hearing a different message from the producers, the director and the stars. They see that they have a responsibility to turn that message around,” she said.

Interesting there was no mention of “Salaam Namaste” a Bollywood film which many cite as having the most significant marketing impact in creating awareness and branding of Melbourne as a tourism and study destination for Indians.

This also confirms research that prospective visitors are heavily influenced by film and tv imagery of a potential destination, not commercial advertisements……

Say rack off to tired, old Australiana. IF ”SAY G’day to the Lucky Country” ever does see the light of day as a tagline to support a new global brand for Australia, then I think we can all pack up and go home.

Believe it or not, it is one of several lines Austrade and Foreign Affairs bureaucrats are considering as part of Trade Minister Simon Crean’s plans to rebrand Australia.

Several slogans put to Crean by advertising agencies are being tested, with the winner due to be announced next month in readiness for the new ”identity” to be revealed to the world at the Shanghai Expo in May.

Exactly how it should not be done, the latter method is a sympton of good old Australian cronyism, lack of creativity & innovation, laziness and focussing upon Anglo culture. There is an effective tool for analysis of prospective visitors which costs very little, it’s asking (them) questions about what influences them……versus government and bureaucrats trying to pick winners…

Tourism Australia’s most significant contribution is via thier website which has a significant global footprint due to its links to network of Aussie Specialists and their other languages websites internationally.

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