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Immigration Opponent Demographer Birrell

Immigration Opponent Speaks

TRADITIONS based on heritage, sporting culture and common language are threatened by mass immigration, a leading demographer has warned.  Monash University population expert Dr Bob Birrell has said the huge influx of people with few or no English skills had created social problems in Melbourne suburbs such as Dandenong, Sunshine and Broadmeadows and most major cities were feeling the population strain, the Herald Sun reported.
Never mind poor white trash riots in Carnegie, Melbourne, at weekend? At best for those who want a return to monochrome inward looking Australia of white bread, Aussie Rules and Rugby league, meat and three veg, beer and only English…. Personally I find these views absolutely offensive and insulting to most if not all Australians, especially of NESB background. Similar to those propagated in 1930s Europe, and assumes that old Australia smelt of roses never mind high rates of assault, depression, suicide, alcohol abuse, aboriginal issues etc. You would think that Australians were racist?
Dr. Bob Birrell is based at Monash University, good advertising, and what would Sir John Monash think?

4 Responses to “Immigration Opponent Demographer Birrell”

  1. The reason there are no responses to this diatribe is because Dr Birrell is rightly respected for his excellent scholarship. Andrew Smith, Bob is not a racist, but you are certainly a blog sphere bigot for sure. That is the sum of all your contributions. I work at a large firm in an Asia-Pac role. Most of my team around me are NESB and none of us found this offensive. So you are speaking for yourself, not us!


    Lots of opinion on this in the Age today, but at least none lean so far as to find Bob’s article “offensive” or purport to represent an offended minority. You are the bigoted, extremist outlier here, not BB or the masses on the left or right in Australia.

    • Much of the opinion in the comments section (like many mainstream journalists including Fairfax) are part of Birrell’s fan club, how?

      He supplies Sustainable Population Australia with ‘data’ and ‘research’ on population and immigration, always leading to negative conclusions.

      This is no surprise as you may know from Birrell’s own biography at Monash he has contributed and been published by John Tanton’s The Social Contract Press who appear on this list

      Tanton himself published the ‘Witan’ memos outlining his beliefs about the need for Europeans to remain dominant (Tanton had accepted funding from the Pioneer Fund who are also on the list).

      SPLC are always under attack from Tanton and his acolytes, but the best reference SPLC could hope for comes from Tanton admirers Storm Front (also on the list) who dismiss SPLC accusing them of taking money from ‘jews’ i.e. the Anti-Defamation League.

      Accordingly, I would suggest that you inform Birrell of these dubious links, unles he has joined the dots already after 2-3 decades liaising with these people ….

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