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New Australian SOL List

Apparently draft SOL list has been doing the rounds of (some) state education institutions according to article “Jobs list will dash hopes of residency”:

…..University of Technology, Sydney business dean Roy Green said the draft list was dramatic and “much more credible than anything we have seen previously”.

 “UTS business will look very closely at this list to see which occupations were included and excluded,” Professor Green said.

 “We note accountancy is still included, which is an important part of our intake of overseas students.”

The draft Skilled Occupation List was released last week as part of Skills Australia’s national workforce strategy.

Of course no conflict of interest here allowing state providers access to the draft list before the new SOL is official :)  AIEC Australian International Education Centre.

2 Responses to “New Australian SOL List”

  1. The draft list is a joke. Not long prior to the GFC the skills shortage list for Australia was extensive and unable to be filled domestically. It took about 45 years to create the shorage and it was stated that it would take another 45 years to fix it. The draft list only targets occupations in immediate demand and hard to find at the best of times. All other occupations not listed are in high demand across the western world and now in high demand in the USA as it emerges from the GFC. Australia will now suffer even more due to short sightedness and a bogus list of skills shortage. Lucky us!

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