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International Education News, University, Marketing, Students and Quality

Higher Education Students, Marketing and Quality

US campuses chase foreign students. SCORES of cash-strapped US state universities are preparing to open their doors to foreign undergraduates, posing a serious challenge for Australian universities, US Studies Centre chief Geoff Garrett has warned

Another issue for the perfect storm facing Australian international education sector while migration pathways are being restricted, increased student visa financial requirements, student welfare, perceived racism and associated shortfalls in marketing of international education, the high Australian dollar has made Australia much less competitive. The American “dream” and institutional “prestige” meant education sector has never really needed to market, more just deal with visa issues, and previous high level of US dollar, but now….. This could be a real challenge to Australia’s ELICOS, university preparation and under graduate market in India, China and other Asian markets.

A lesson in cornering the market
. UNIVERSITIES need to take a leaf from their own books on foreign students.

One could argue that for majority focus has been upon on course sales growth from limited markets versus minority of better who marketed to diverse markets, that adds value to the institution and stakeholders, into longer term.

British students agitate for teaching quality
. HUNDREDS of Manchester University engineering students have become the latest British undergraduates to stage a revolt against poor-quality teaching.

Predictable, if you charge fees students,clients, users or stakeholders demand a service as opposed to turning a blind eye if happy enough to stumble through a free rite of passage as happened in the past.

The number don’t add up in maths class. AUSTRALIA has a numeracy problem and we are not addressing it.

Hits the nail on the head, has been avoidance of the source of the maths literacy issue, i.e. teacher availability and quality, or lack of. In future matchs teachers may need to be paid a premium versus non science teachers to ensure improvements in higher maths literacy?

TAFE can help meet participation target. VICTORIA is being urged to create a fund for TAFE to finance delivery of degree programs with universities.

Universities suffering from decreasing international enrolments would surely be tempted to cooperate on degrees with TAFE. Good idea for TAFE sector with its resources to deliver degrees with practical internships, in addition to pathways, but is there really a need to increase commencement and participation targets via on campus degrees when other pathways are available e.g. off campus? Further, there has been little if any reporting of which degrees or occupations e.g. skill shortagesshopuld be addressed, while the U.K. from where this policy had been borrowed, appears to have gone cold on the idea?

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