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Australian News Tourism, Property, Employment, Mining Jobs, Economy, TAFE Training

Tourism and holiday sector treading water as dollar keeps overseas tourists at bay.

House Prices Increases from Debt and Investors…. Average buyers can’t compete with rich, tax-subsidised investors. SYDNEY’S Sunday Telegraph was breathless with joy. ”IT’LL BE WORTH DOUBLE”, its headline screamed….. But it won’t happen. Melbourne house prices have trebled since 1997, not because our incomes trebled, but because we paid those prices by a massive increase in debt. In the 20 years to January 2010, household debt to the banks grew 10 times over……..

City life style to lure workers to Pilbara COLIN Barnett has conceded Western Australia and Queensland are on a collision course in the hunt for scarce skilled workers as the nation’s resources sector heats up….the West Australian Premier unveiled a bold plan yesterday for the private sector to build twin towers of apartments in the dusty Pilbara town of Karratha, Mr Barnett said it was crucial that workers had access to comfortable, modern accommodation if they were to be attracted to live and work there. ..

Mining Job WA the truth. Anyone either living in WA or migrating to WA will have heard someone say ‘You want to get yourself into the mines, tons of money in that.’ There is tons of money to be earned but it’s not easy to get into and there are plenty of people willing to “take” your money in order to help you.

Argus warns of complacency in dangerous times
…wants to talk about what’s ahead for BHP Billiton specifically and for Australia generally.. The overwhelming view……The overwhelming view that emerges is that we have entered dangerous territory, that our good fortune is being challenged by national indolence and that our success in the midst of global crisis has created an inappropriate sense of entitlement. We are, in sort, resting on our laurels, a problem to which Australia has been prone since the 1850s.

Our political classes and some among our business elite, seem to believe we have gone far enough, seem to be expressing a national sense of satisfaction that is both dangerous and delusional.

Skills Training and TAFE Fees. Victorian PREMIER John Brumby’s grand plan to combat the skills crisis by getting more people to obtain higher TAFE qualifications has been dealt a blow, with several institutes reporting a slump in enrolments and some students not applying because of higher government fees.


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