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AIEC Australian International Education Quality, Migration and Racism

Australian International Education and Migration

Survey shows racism rampant. Surely no surprise, and if institutions had been investigating the overseas student experience earlier these issues would have been apparent?

No accounting for culture in learning
. Evidence that perceived issues of quality and visa courses are apparent in the state sector i.e. universities and TAFE, not just private colleges in Melbourne and Sydney, as the media, selected politicans and demographers would have us believe?

Anxiety at migration changes
. Confusion reigns…. …. Australian Business Deans Council president Tim Brailsford said universities were awaiting advice from the government. “The likely impact is confusing given we have received mixed messages about demand in 2009-10, which has varied considerably by institution and source [country],” Professor Brailsford said…. Similarly, TAFE Directors Australia chairman Bruce Mackenzie said the situation was confused and was damaging Australia’s reputation…….

Limited political, media and public debate has been driven by “culture wars”, xenophobia and reactionary partisan politics rather than facts, analysis and real future needs of Australia, and its reputation…. The effects may not be fully clear till 2011 and could include significantly lower international enrolments, lower export income, higher domestic fees, increased occupation shortages and wage inflation in some sectors, lower rental demand and house prices, lower associated tourism numbers, all compounded further by high AUD and perceived racism making traditional (competitor) destinations such as North America, U.K. and Europe more attractive for not just international but also Australian students…..

Go8 calls for automatic residency to attract best foreign postgraduate students
. Good point there is much international competition for the best and brightest from Asia at large, but is the current social and political culture in Australia open enough to enable this after years of “dog whistling” to suggest that foreigners are not wanted?

Immigration an economic imperative Glenn Mumford AFR This week we had all the usual suspects lamenting Australia’s dramatic population growth. Strained infrastructure. Overcrowding. What’s going on? “Cut the migrant intake fast or we’re doomed” we were told. They are strange bedfellows – the environmentally sensitive and the outright xenophobic. March 27-28

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