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THE federal government will consider slashing Australia’s annual migration intake to help tackle concerns about traffic congestion, housing, hospitals, water and the environment. Just months after declaring himself in favour of a ”big Australia”, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd yesterday warned of ”legitimate concerns” with population growth and appointed Agriculture Minister Tony Burke as Australia’s first Population Minister. Mr Burke has been given a year to develop the country’s first population plan, including a review of immigration levels.

Really? Or is it acknowledging that “population” has become euphemism for out of control migration from Asia? Is also being used in the debate about property prices in Australia…..

Beware, it’s the negative-gearer right next door. As we desperately seek that hidden explanation for higher property values – foreign investors supposedly picking up bargains …. According to the latest tax office statistics released on March 23 (and thanks to reader Vince Mahon for some useful data mining here) a stunning one in 10 taxpayers already uses negative gearing.

Moreover, the ”negative-gearer next door” is claiming more tax deductions every year. The figures reveal the amount claimed – $8 billion-plus a year – has been growing at an annualised clip of 40 per cent.

But there is evidence that Australia does want people to come to Australia…..

The backpacking industry has been encouraged to leverage Tourism Australia’s ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ marketing campaign after managing director Andrew McEvoy unveiled the new strategy in Sydney this morning. A competition will launch on April 15 encouraging members of the public to share their experiences of Australia by uploading photographs of their favourite places along with 25 words of explanation starting with the phrase “There’s nothing like…”

New draft SOL Skilled Occupation List due out 30 April from DIAC.

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