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Australia Population Growth Migration and Regional Development

Australia Population and Migration

Coalition to reduce migration. Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison yesterday told The Australian the Rudd government had allowed immigration to rise too high and the population figure that Treasury’s Intergenerational Report predicted last September for 2050 was unsustainable. Mr Morrison said the Coalition would not allow the average net overseas migration of more than 300,000 a year that had occurred since the Rudd government took power to continue.

Nothing like good old “dog whistling” about population i.e. we will be overrun by Asians…… while business disagrees…..

Business rejects migrant cut. THE Coalition’s plan to cut immigration numbers has thrown it on to a collision course with major business groups, which say they will fight the policy over fears it could threaten Australia’s productivity.

And the numbers used in this issue from those against migration and population growth are misleading……

Rubbery figures on migrant flood. The number looks huge, but only because the ABS has changed the definition. Since 2006, people who enter Australia on a long-term temporary basis have been counted as migrants. If they had been counted before this, migration during earlier years would have been higher. In 2009, there were 1,440,000 people living in Australia on a long-term temporary basis, compared with just 790,000 five years earlier. About 580,000 are overseas students – current or former – permitted to remain in Australia for another 18 months. A further 550,000 are New Zealand citizens.

While others actually have solutions to Australia’s unique state capital city logjams….regional development….

How to defuse population bomb
. THE Labor government’s new population focus first needs to explain that a “big Australia” is a desirable and unavoidable byproduct of the rise of China and India…. …Trying to cap population growth by limiting our resource development would risk our economic security and even national sovereignty, given the new geo-political balance of power in our Asian region.

But Labor’s new focus then needs to examine why our population growth has been siphoned into a handful of state capital cities and created a shortage of land for housing in one of the planet’s most sparsely settled continents… And one of the best-placed thinkers is this area, former NSW Treasury secretary Percy Allan, suggests the answer lies in Australia’s political model of an expanding federal government and a handful of state governments that are highly centralised in their capital cities.. ….”No other developed nation, let alone continent, is as lopsided and myopic in its spatial development as Australia,” Allan says.

Revolution Australia needs is to starve state governments of power and resources, just short of changing the constitution….

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