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Australian Foreign Student Enrolment Increase

Australian Foreign Student Numbers Up

Foreign student numbers increase. IT COULD have been far worse. Despite a sharp drop in the number of foreign students – especially Indians – starting courses in Victoria, the total number of foreign students studying here this year has climbed by more than 5000.

Federal government figures show that while first-year enrolments fell sharply, as The Age reported yesterday, this was outweighed by more students staying in longer courses.

“Lies damn lies and statistics” or in aviation language many are in a “holding pattern”. Unfortunately the writer does not understand the new regulatory changes to the industry and when the impact will occur…. Firstly due to fear of negative changes many prospective candidates applied to study early 2009 so that they could submit visa under former less strict visa regime. Then those already studying simply extended their studies and visa to see what happens with changes in the pipeline…..

The first of the big milestones is coming soon, the new SOL Skilled Occupation List upon which many base their course choice for PR outcomes, then new students will need to apply under the new visa regime..showing 50% more living costs….. the full effects may not be felt till early 2011 for many universities and TAFEs, but probabaly mid year though limited effect. Limited as many high risk countries e.g. India, China would have students submitting their pre visa assessments PVA late 2009 under old visa regime to be prepared for changes in 2010…..

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