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Online Virtual International Education Marketing

Effective virtual, online or eMarketing is not technical and is merely good marketing practice and allows quantum leaps in the communication channel and analysis components of marketing and promotions, i.e. “electronic social anthropology”.

Using the “AIDA” model, i.e. awareness, interest, decision and action, allows an institution to move away from (aggressive) direct business development and sales based round expensive physical and untimely print media, fairs and seminars to the more organic sustainable resources of student “word of mouth” and all year round virtual channels.

Effective international and domestic online education marketing requires the following elements, a Search Engine Optimised (SEO) website (only financial investment), Google Analytics, relevant reciprocal hypertext links leading to high Google Page Ranking, updated text and image content, relevant language input for online posts, up to date relevant language blogs, Facebook page for student and alumni interaction, other language videos on YouTube, targetted use of Google Adwords, potential affiliate system for distributors i.e. agent websites referring traffic, with ongoing feedback and analysis.

Online, virtual and eMarketing is NOT emailing of specials and newsletters to agents, static website in English only holding .pdf files, unlinked logos, limited links (not hypertexted), too many widgets or multimedia slowing site download and content not updated. Further, email enquiries must receive a “live” response, traffic monitored e.g. from where and which websites, and request for links must be reciprocal, not one way.

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