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Australian Politics Media Population Immigration Refugee Racial Intolerance

Women don’t want a bigger population…… nor does the CPUR….

Do you think Australia needs more people? No

Do you think Australia needs less less people, and deal with an ageing and shrinking workforce, decreasing tax base and declining economy? err….

Asking Betts, Birrell et al of Monash University’s Centre for Population and Urban Research CPUR about population and migration is like asking AFL’s Andrew Demetriou whether the “world” football code of soccer should be developed further in Australia….. Sir John Monash must be turning in his grave with his name being associated with the CPUR’s hidden agenda in its social research ….. and the rest….

Says more about Australia’s relaxed attitudes to intolerance hiding behind population and environment debate, failure of state government urban planning, infrastructure funding, lack of serious regional development, over consolidated PR driven “skip” media and spineless politicians.

Political party differences are now like “Pepsi” versus “Cola” and encourage “dog whistling” and related negative media or social narratives in attempts to differentiate themselves for the sake of short term political power. This in turn feeds racists and bigots in marginal electorates who now dictate policy to governments who are terrified of offending, while incapable of leading on practical and moral issues of the day.

Who from the city or coastal fringes volunteers to stand in a regional town and tell them that they cannot have any immigrants, travellers, overseas students nor temporary workers while their young people leave, attract no new business investment, hospitals close and their footy teams disappear?

Australia really has been the “lucky country” to thrive economically and attract people, especially when our outlook is so pessimistic and seemingly intolerant. Obviously we are incapable of innovative and creative solutions exemplifying our supposed self confidence, as we seem to have the self esteem of a less developed country (i.e. at the expense of others we can kick around)? Not to forget gullibility or need to believe any old non expert or “head” (generallly white Australian of the older generation) who turns up in the media with a subjective opinion that implies or states directly that foreigners are not wanted?

At least some sense from Malcolm Fraser… “Take the politics out of border protection…”.

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