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Australian News Racism, SOL, Tourism Marketing, Economy, Property Prices, Population Growth

Warning on racist gig. A WHITE supremacist festival scheduled for the Gold Coast today could signal the rise of neo-Nazi groups similar to those in the US and Europe, an expert warns. Sydney University sociologist Alec Pemberton said the festival marked a new development in Australia and warned against ignoring race-hate groups.

There’s nothing like Australia tourism competition. It’s easy. Just upload a photo of your favourite Aussie holiday moment and describe your picture in 25 words or less, beginning with the words: There’s nothing like …..

CEOs tip strong expansion and jobs growth
. CORPORATE Australia is preparing to back the economic recovery by pressing ahead with major expansion projects that will boost workforces in some cases by 10 per cent or more. The overall mood is still tempered by caution because of seismic events such as the Greek debt crisis, and local concerns about interest rate hikes and any premature withdrawal of fiscal stimulus.

Clarius Skills Index. National skills crisis set to re-emerge as Clarius Skills Index reports further increase in demand
. Australia’s move towards yet another national skills shortage has been confirmed in the latest Clarius Skills Index, with demand for skilled labour reporting a significant upswing. In the March quarter, 15 of the 20 skilled occupations measured in the Index reported an increase in demand with eight of those skilled categories showing demand exceeding the available labour. The eight categories are Building and Engineering and Computer Professionals, Building and Engineering and Chefs in the Associate Professionals category and Metal, Automotive, Wood and Hairdressers in the Tradespersons categories, which all scored above 100 in the Index.

Interesting that the draft or proposed SOL Skilled occupation List for 457 temoporary workers and skilled immigrants is not going to include chefs and hairdressers?

In 1955, $7000 bought a house. Now, it’s not even a deposit on a dream

The impossible dream.

Timely warning of a housing asset bubble fuelled by younger generation’s increasing debt and minimal deposits, while real wages have fallen over past decades. Further, ways to increase supply and soften demand include neither regional development (which should be the issue of the day) nor removal of tax benefits. The latter gives an inequitible advantage to investors, cashed up baby boomers and retirees, but politicians are terrified of upsetting this now dominant “oldie” demographic and their wealth? Is this the real issue of Australia, “oldies” who were nurtured by John Howard with attitudes about identity, population, migration, property, superannuation, health and benefits?

Don’t panic but plan for population. Australia can deal with far more people, as long as we get the infrastructure right AUSTRALIA is the 18th most urbanised of the world’s 204 countries, according to UN statistics. Although China may continue to be the locomotive for the world economy — and the turbocharger for Australia’s — for the foreseeable future, it is heroic to assume that its growth will continue uninterrupted for 40 years and at present high resources prices.

More an issue of incompetent Australian goverment administration and planning in Australia, including infrastructure, yet continued population and economic growth attributable to China and Asian economies is not a given in future.

Endeavour Scholarship & Research Awards for international applicants
. Through the Endeavour Awards, the Australian Government provides opportunities for high achieving international students, researchers and professionals to undertake short or long term study, research and professional development in Australia in a broad range of disciplines.

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  1. It looks like that tourism in Australia is not a priority. Whereas in fact Australia has enermous source of tourism, from the land and its diversity to the modern infrastructure…. and so do Indonesia.

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