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Australian News Toxic Politics, Immigration, Population and Racism

Foreigners Victims of Toxic Politics, Media, Immigration, Population and Racism

Toxic politics appeals to the unhinged. TODAY’S 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing ….. has prompted renewed concerns about growing anti-government sentiment. Is the political environment becoming so toxic we could see another Timothy McVeigh emerge? All of the above have put the nation ill at ease. Add to the mixture of organic anger and grassroots momentum the heckling language of Beck, Limbaugh and Co., and one fears that volatility could become explosive. What’s next? Militias?

Not as extreme in Australia but similar vitriolic media narrative has been copied from America in the Australian media, with the target being overseas students and immigrants (non white).

Opposition says forcing immigrants into certain parts of Australia is undemocratic. THE federal opposition has rejected any move to force new immigrants to live in selected parts of Australia, saying it could only be done in a dictatorship. New Population Minister Tony Burke told The Australian last week the government would consider using the immigration system to force people to live in certain areas.

Stable Population Party says massive cuts needed to Australia’s immigration intake. GRASSROOTS concern about Australia’s burgeoning population is being ignored by the “hopelessly conflicted” major parties and needs a fresh voice in Canberra, says political hopeful William Bourke. Mr Bourke, a Sydney small businessman and founder of the newly established Stable Population Party of Australia, plans to field candidates in all states at the next federal poll, running on a platform of restricting the nation’s population to 23 million. Nevertheless, he says massive cuts are needed to Australia’s current immigration intake, including from the skilled migration program, family reunions, the high volume of New Zealanders allowed in, and overseas students.

Closed visa loophole gives bosses chance to exploit young. Student wage squeeze
. Article in Herald Sun but not available online, refers to demographer Dr.Bob Birrell of Monash University’s Centre for Populatin & Urban Research, and journal “People & Place”, feigning concern for Australian workers through demanding government make it even more difficult for overseas students and the education sector.

The first article, although American and observing more extreme phenomena, is now seen in Australia also, especially with the new MTR radio station where extreme or racist or bigoted views which are “shouted” by angry or middle class white men are now in the mainstream, especially race, identity and immigration (indirectly through debate about population, environment, property prices etc.)……. misinformed by demographers such as Bob Birrell, taken advantage of by politicians, talk back radio hosts and related bigots in marginal electorates.

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