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eMarketing Virtual Techniques and Tools International Education Services

“Here you have a brand-new technology and a head of state actually using the technology to manage the country” Tech industry analyst on Norway’s PM using an iPad to run his country while stranded in NY because of volcanic ash.

Will regular “travellers” now consider focussing upon virtual media rather than travelling and emitting excess carbon emissions?

Expert opinion lost to the world of internet “expertise”, Critics culled in favour of blogs.

Curious to hear an actual critic on radio yesterday misrepresent the above report claiming that newspapers were using the public and user generated websites as an economy measure, when in fact the audience or users are preferring. Possibly the “public audience” trust their peers more than paid professionals or “industry” in media who maybe influenced by PR, advertisers, employer, next job, etc., and can access these user views independent of the mainstream media. “Professionals” should not be condescending toward user generation, and understand that they can be and are discerning. In the education sector confirms what has been happening for years, “word of mouth” is more important than institutional physical promotions and events

Start – ups’ tools use social networking data to target advertising.

Hardly surprising in two ways. Firstly many of those whom are purportedly marketing, for example a service or product, are not in fact marketing at all but merely promoting and selling in short term, one observes this in the education sector where travel to physical events takes precedence over all other marketing channels. Formally, marketing is supposed to be about listening to the customer, modifying product and providing what meets their needs, not what the producer or provider specifies.

In this respect marketing is then closer to social anthropology to assess observe prospective users e.g. grounded research techniques to elicit and code related phenomena and developing a theory or structure from key phenomena, i.e. a product or service from user input.

Therefore, it is no surprise that virtual media mining and marketing have become so important as channels such as Google Adwords are driven by “keywords”, or in other words, what the user specifies when seeking study opportunities thorugh online searches. Very empowering, but scary for traditional media, sales and PR to not only keep abreast of rapid change, but to retain their traditional physical organisational “authority” in the non hierarchical virtual world.

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