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Population and Migration Policy

Nation building leader would back bigger country. POPULATION debates in Australia have always been highly divisive. During the early 20th century, popular and patriotic ideas of a grand Australia of 50 or 100 million, an “Australia Unlimited”, were contested vigorously. A consensus on population remains elusive even today. Scientists and demographers hold conflicting views about what kind of population Australia can support.

From Per Capita one of the better reports on population able to say that population levels are not definitive, only patchy expert data available (like too many research fields at the centre of debate in Australia) and one would add “population” has become politicised due to being the “touchstone” issue of anti immigrationists, racists, populist politicians, environmentalists etc. Additionally, does not address issues related to how Australians live, and have lived i.e. lack of urban planning, profligate use of natural resources e.g. Murray Darling, large houses, car use, brown coal fired power stations, state system that leads to capital cities hogging resources thus becoming population magnets at the expense of regonal development.

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