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CPA Australia SOL Accounting Recognition Skills Assessment

On 1 July, CPA Australia’s accounting assessment criteria for General Skills Migration will be as follows:

* A formal qualification assessed as being at least comparable to an Australian Bachelor degree.
* Completion of at least 9 out of the 12 core knowledge areas at tertiary level
* IELTS Academic Test Report Form (TRF) Number to show you have a band score of at least seven (7) on each of the four (4) components – speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Holders of professional qualifications recognised by CPA Australia, for example Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and Institute of Chartered Accountants in India, that are recognised by AEI-NOOSR as degree-comparable may be assessed successfully as meeting the academic requirements for skilled migration.

9 Responses to “CPA Australia SOL Accounting Recognition Skills Assessment”

  1. It seems aussies politician has gone crab. We are accountant not english professor. Just ask all the aussie and politicians to give IELTS, i bet they will not get 7 in any except listening.

    When we have already spend so much of our time and money and they are concluding us with this rules. Its very unfair. It sounds more like the word from cruel dictator.

    Fuck the Australia off. I am going back and i suggest everyone to fuck off Australia and let them be Isolated as it was before. Then they will know the real value of us.

    • hey Rohet! I’m sorry u and some others like u believe urn’t able to face a new competitive environment than ur previous 3d world. Otherwise u wouldn’t publicly insult an entire country. as I imagine none invited u somewhere, which means none should be offended because some1 like u doesn’t want to forget his/her past (or even present) miserable and poor mind. It is true we are accountants and non English professors, but how can we be part of 1 of the most important professions for every country. As u might very well know, in our profession there is not only numbers, formulas and calculations or even accounting systems. There is also a very important part which is LAW TAXATION , which I believe 1 should know perfectly, otherwise an error should result also in something very bad for whom committed. I have a very simple question for u: Are u able to attend or even face a court process and u will need an interpreter to interact with the parts and the judge??
      Believe me , IELTS 7 is the minimum possible English requirement for a profession like ours, that’s also true considering that accountants are going to have deeper and further studies in order to climb top position, which means, at the end, try to study English(to do so think and act like English) harder and get Accademic IELTS 8 as I did.

      Good luck

  2. It is really unfair decision for international students because they are devoting alot of time and investments for getting their degree in Australia. At least government should have to think before applying such decision.

    It is the demand of international students that their degree should be assessed by accounting bodies of australia because all the courses are delivered in english medium.

    Once their degree is assessed, we students can apply in other countries for professional jobs rather than in Australia.

    For immigration policy government can decide on its favour, we don’t care.

  3. Bye2 Australia, Hi New Zealand. There’s nothing like Australia in New Zealand.

  4. I can understand Rohet frustration, there’s no doubt that immigration law in Australia has become very hard. I don’t complain about the English requirements is just obvious that the country needs people able to communicate and understand the language to their job properly.

    On the other hand, I do think migration laws are unfair as an international student who also works very hard and pay taxes like anyone else and pay such high tuition fees is frustrating that the government encourage the exploitation or internationals. The constant change of laws is just ridiculous at least to the people is already half way to PR and the bang suddenly their out and what they get? Nothing whiles the Australia colleges and universities and getting all the money and the government is getting the money form taxes paid from the hard work of internationals.
    I inhumane at some point, not be able to eat properly because have to work to pay bills and studies, work horrible hours and harder jobs than even a national would do because we need to survive and just looking forward to a better life.

    Even though Australian people are so friendly and are such a beautiful country I don’t think politicians realize the hardship international students have to go through.

  5. The New Immigration Rules and especially english language requirements are very strict and it is almost impossible for an accountant to get 7 bands in Ielts Academic……..Above all many australian says that no body is inviting international students to study in australia…..but all these people does not know that The money which australia earns from the international students and skilled visa fees goes to the people who live on government financial help. Australian Government advertises about the education in many asian countries and we all know that Australian Education standrads are nohing if we compare to the Universities in America and England…..and i bet that you all should just wait and watch because i know that as soon as International Student visa application starts dropping more than 50 % the australian government has to ease their so called new immigration policies…………and it is the biggest truth that no country in this could accelerate their economic growth untill they will not have asians in their country. If you can study the facts on the internet you can easily note that real estates, car sales and insurance policies are going very very high and it is only happening because of overseas students ans overseas workers…………

  6. I completely agree with this last comment. For the last 9 year I’ve been doing my studies in English, and still could not get a band score of 7 on each of the components all at once in one single exam. After trying to attempt 4 times this exam, I, got 7.5’s and 8’s in some components, but 6.5 in one of them. The funny part of it was that the 6.5 score was always in one different component for each of the tests I sited. I assure the Government and the IELTS Centers are all doing business with us: THE POOR AND INNOCENT INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, that have buried our money in the Australian educational institutions.

  7. yes it is true that australian government is doing very bad with overseas students by demanding 7 in ielts academic module from overseas students ,which is very difficult for them to achieve . I challenge u that tell any australian born citizen to get atlesast 5 in academic ielts .I bet u no body can get .Do u know about this australian people, i think more than half of the australians are illiterate ,most of them dont know how to read or write any sentence in english, and many people even dont know how to spell their names also, and they expect us to get 7 in academic ielts, who basically lead a whole life speaking a mother toungue, but what ever we are proud to be born in our country because atleast some people are getting 7 in academic ielts in their first attempt only ,they are some people who has to struggle ,however still i am sure that they will also achieve what they want.Best of luck for such people who are still trying and not loosing their hope . australian governent is not doing good ,it is very unfair that they are eating money of those people who work hard to achieve it and had sleepless nights and leaving their life by sacrificing their money ,health ,family everything , just come to our place and think for a while how did u feel about it.just think about it ,please i request and beg u, dont do like this with them ,dare with god who is seeing all this because one day every body had to die, what u will do with this money which u earned by drinking overseas students blood. it will not give u anything here nor hereafter ,u will not live a happy life here nor after death .ur soul will not get peace after ur death also.please be pity on overseas students this is an appeal to the australian government.

  8. Hi, if Australia is to open its doors to foreigners, demanding that they have a high English standard (even higher than its locals) is justified. Afterall, Australia has something to offer that draws us there and using IELTS to sieve the best of the lot, not only in terms of English capability but also perseverance to get the score , is a good way.

    That said, getting 7 in each component is not easy, esp. for the reading and writing. A good command of the English language plus reading widely is necessary. I attended preparatory classes and scored L8, R8.5, S8, W7.5. This score was feasible because I used to tutor primary school students and read widely. The preparatory classes prepared me mentally for what to anticipate and gave me ample practice.

    So, practise using online resources and you can definitely do it!

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