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Commercial Higher Education Compete

Commercial campuses ready to fill gap. AS academics adjust to the idea of competing for student customers they now face the prospect of private providers wanting a piece of the action. The idea that only public universities, employing permanent staff and endowed with research infrastructure, can teach high-quality degree courses is already internationally obsolete. According to a UNESCO report on global higher education, 30 per cent of enrolments are in private-sector institutions, as businesses in Africa and eastern Europe meet demand the state won’t, or more frequently can’t, afford to fulfil.

Agree whole heartedly with comment “Australia has to get out of the mindset that only good education is a public education”. The state nor private sector has a monopoly on quality nor integrity. Good quality is linked directly with good marketingi.e. getting feedback from students, evaluating teachers etc. and while the state sector avoids scrutiny by students and stakeholders, who knows? Nor are TAFEs safe either, private VET providers now competing for government funds.

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