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Wait for New Skilled Occupation List SOL

Painful wait for the priority list of skills. UNIVERSITIES, TAFE institutes and colleges are sweating on the release of the priority skills list likely to recast demand for their lucrative overseas student offerings and triggering an exodus home of large numbers of disappointed students.

But the delayed list from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship – aimed at decoupling education from migration – will come on top of a market correction that is distressing colleges and worrying universities in the $17 billion industry.

On the back of key enrolments figures, University of Melbourne migration visa expert Lesleyanne Hawthorne gave a big tick to the Rudd government’s recent policy changes, saying they were “having the desired effect”. The 13 per cent enrolment growth for universities during the past year was correcting the recent mass migration-driven shift to the vocational sector, she told the HES.

So this is not about immigration policy nor encouraging international students to study in all sectors in Australia but merely to discourage them from studying English, school, vocational college and TAFE in favour of universities, who need the cash? I do not think Ms. Hawthorne understands difference between (ongoing) enrolments versus (new) commencements which are and will continue dropping into 2011…. we have not seen the effects in the university sector yet…

Then again this is not about international mobility nor export income, it is the agenda of Hawthorne, Birrell etc. to discourage and limit (Asian) immigrationin favour of maintaining a white anglo Australia is it not?

For more information about Birrell’s attitude, like Hawthorne’s, politely known as an “immigration scepticism” see blog Dr.Bob Birrell, Population and Immigration.

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