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Victorian Education Exports to Collapse

College woes grow. THE Brumby Govern-ment has been accused of bungling its response to the growing crisis in Victoria’s education export industry. Education experts are warning the impending collapse of the sector — worth more than $3 billion a year to the state’s economy — is the worst crisis the state economy has faced since the 1980s.

International education is the state’s top export earner and the country’s second biggest export industry after resources.

But the sector has been battered by Indian media reports of local violence and the collapse of several colleges.

Now experts are warning student numbers are collapsing from every country except Vietnam, with the numbers from China expected to fall by up to 50 per cent. The c r i s i s i s being blamed on the high Australian dollar, which has made education in Europe and North America much cheaper.

The same newspaper, i.e. The Herald Sun, is being economical with the facts as they, like other media and commentators, had been running a racially based scare campaign about international students studying to PR, population growth, immigration etc. and the federal government’s reaction was to make student visas more difficult, suspend migration, and delay a new skilled occupation list….. well done Victoria and Australia, strangling the goose that laid the golden eggs for some cheap political points, media time and appealing to the many bigots in Australia.

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