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Australian International Education no management no leadership no strategy

Australian International Education no management no leadership no strategy

Students from abroad treated like cash cows. AUSTRALIA’S promotion of its international education market is unco-ordinated, lacking leadership and strategy and undermining the lucrative sector, according to the International Education Association of Australia.

Association president Stephen Connelly has called for a minister for international education to be appointed to ensure Australia’s third-biggest export avoids a repeat of the past year’s turbulence. Mr Connelly said lack of strategy had led to ad hoc growth of private providers, which are collapsing as migration rules shift.

Violence against Indian students was a reflection of the dearth of policies relating to the quality of education and experience of international students, he said.

Related to fact that in Australia there is a culture of merely administrative management or “managerialism”,  not leadership, nor any marketing strategy, just short term promotion and sales in both private and state sector revolving round “international travel plans”.  Further, in addition to DEEWR and minister, state education departments, governments and regulators have been remiss.

The “education culture” in Australia also appears to preclude any effective or direct evaluation of teaching quality and learning environments i.e. preference for more indirect paper based quality control or testing i.e. “box ticking”.

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