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Australian Immigration Communities, Students and Skilled

Australian Immigration Communities, Students and Skilled

Indians the new Italians in migration. AUSTRALIA has more Indians than Italians. The Indian community in this country has doubled in just six years, becoming our fastest-growing minority, new figures show. The immigration department estimates in 2007-08 the stock of migrants from India grew more than any other country, even Britain or New Zealand. It estimates that the Indian-born population has risen from 110,563 in mid-2002 to 239,295 in mid-2008, overtaking the Italians to become our fourth-biggest migrant community….

….The British are still the biggest migrant community, with 1.166 million forming almost 6 per cent of our population. New Zealanders (494,579) were the second-biggest group in mid-2008.

Migrant intake faces dramatic cut. Migrants to Australia are expected to drop by a fifth this financial year as changed government policies and economic conditions take effect. Net overseas migration peaked at 305,900 in March 2009, Bureau of Statistics data showed. Immigration Minister Chris Evans yesterday said that figure would fall about 20 per cent by June 30 based on recent visa applications and grants….

…Senator Evans attributed part of the decline to policy changes intended to stop international students becoming permanent residents by completing ”low-value education courses”. Visas for students were down 25 per cent in the nine months to March compared with a year earlier, spurred further by a high Australian dollar. Also falling are the number of temporary skilled migrants arriving. They fell 45 per cent in the same period.

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