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Australia and International Education Agents

Australia is joining forces with international education competitors to find ways of battling unscrupulous education agents, following an unprecedented meeting of immigration and education authorities in London. The March meeting, organised by the British Council and Australian Education International, brought together the US, UK, Australia and Canada – four of the seven biggest players in international education – as well as New Zealand and Ireland. The meeting, reportedly the first of its kind, was also attended by officials from Austrade and the Australian Department of Immigration and…

The implication is that institutions are forced to use “dodgy agents” and have no choice in agent appointments? In our experience many state institutions are not too fussy, provied they get candidates, and travel opportunities for joint marketing. As one International TAFE Director complained,

“students and other agents complain about agent X in country Y but they send me candidates so I do not care as my bosses expect ever increasing enrolments without knowing how or where they will come from…..”

Further, it appeared that AEI Austrade’s international education “marketing” or more accurately promotions policy was to encourage more and new agents to aggressively sell the Australian education industry (and AEI Austrade their own offshore services for which they were rewarded)? Was this facilitated by bonuses to Austrade personnel based upon indirect export sale indicators e.g. number of new agents, institution clients (looking for agents, visits and meetings), education fair participation and numbers of students recruited via events and in general from a market (even if work was done by agent)?

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