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Australian population and immigration growth slows….

Economic slump hits population. AUSTRALIA’S population boom is deflating fast. Net long-term arrivals in Australia have slumped 25 per cent in recent months, with arrivals of permanent settlers down to a three-year low. The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show the economic slowdown and the Rudd government’s progressive tightening of immigration rules have sharply reduced arrivals of settlers and temporary residents alike.

So much for the fear mongering on runaway population or immigration growth (plus playing of the race card) from conservative politicians both Liberal e.g. Abbott, Morrison etc. and Labor e.g. Carr, Thompson etc., environmentalists such as Flannery, anti immigration groups such as Birrell’s Centre for Population and Urban Research, not to forget Dick Smith, Kevin Andrews et al. (How is the real estate and related media industry going to spruik this now?)

More useful would be debate as to how the above generations of oldies and ageing baby boomers health care, pensions etc. are going to funded through a decreasing tax base? Disengenuous bit, they do not tell younger Australains of generation X and Y that they shall be paying higher taxes for lesser and user pay services such health care, education, infrastructure etc.

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