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Carnegie Mellon University Adelaide South Australian Government Costs

Costs of Carnegie Mellon university venture ‘hidden’. PREMIER Mike Rann has been accused of hiding the full taxpayer cost of the Carnegie Mellon university, as bureaucrats in his department spend $225,000 seeking support for the institution overseas.

Department of Premier and Cabinet reports since 2004-05 reveal taxpayers have funded public service trips to Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom to “market” the institution’s Adelaide operations. The reports also show $150,000 has been spent on consultants advising on Carnegie Mellon.

The expenses come in addition to an initial $19.5 million State Government lure to bring the educator to Adelaide and an extra $3.8 million announced in May.

Do not ever get in between a bucket of money for international marketing or promotion services and public servants with an interest in international travel….

2 Responses to “Carnegie Mellon University Adelaide South Australian Government Costs”

  1. Carnegie Lemon’s failure appears to be a failure of leadership both in Adelaide and in the States. I’d like to know exactly where the $20 million has gone and exactly what their marketing strategies are.

    I’m all for a private education sector but not funded by the tax payer. We already have 30 or more unis being fed from central revenue.

  2. Maybe public servants and politicians in quite a narcissisitic way, want to be associated with perceived high profile entities, events and projects for “big face”? But when everything goes “pear shaped”, like the Australian international education market they tend to disappear?

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