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Australian Immigration and Population Policy Debate

Australian Immigration and Population Policy Debate

Teams to tackle migrant debate. THREE teams of experts with strongly opposing views on a Big Australia have been called in to help map out the issues around population growth. Former NSW premier Bob Carr will head a panel which will say the population is heading towards unsustainable levels.

A business team chaired by Heather Ridout, of the Australia Industry Group, sees high growth as the key to prosperity.

The third panel, to be headed by demographer Graeme Hugo, has no strong opinion on numbers but wants better planning.

Population Minister Tony Burke yesterday said the three would draft an issues paper on population growth.

The government has been trying to ease the concerns of Australians opposed to rapid population growth and immigration as they see resources stretched, and those who want more immigration to fill skills shortages.

And I bet Bob Carr will be drawing upon the “research” of anti immigration group Centre for Population & Urban Research informed by demographer Dr. Bob Birrell.

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