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Australian education market, overseas students, immigration policy, visa bill and Asia

Australian education market, overseas students, immigration policy, visa bill and Asia

Overseas student market at risk. THE threat to universities from a significant downturn in international students is real and immigration needs to better refine its visa integrity. These measures will ensure legitimate students aren’t being caught in the crackdown.

Universities Australia chairman Peter Coaldrake has warned the federal government the sector isn’t exaggerating its fears that changes to immigration regulations threaten damage to international student markets that are already vulnerable because of the high Australian dollar and increasing competition….

….Monash University vice-chancellor Ed Byrne said the sector and government needed to get on the “front foot” and reassure markets that Australia still welcomed international students and offered pathways for them to stay…. …But University of Melbourne migration expert Lesleyanne Hawthorne said universities would benefit from the changes. While the sector as a whole was facing a significant downturn, she expected ongoing growth for universities as students rapidly attuned to the new settings.

“We are in a transition that we needed absolutely to have,” she said. She said the new priorities on employer and government sponsorship for permanent residency would encourage students to take high-quality degrees to maximise their chances.

“Students will realise very quickly that in this changed system they need to invest in high-quality courses, in reputable institutions, and they would be sensible not to study in an oversupplied field such as business,” she said.

Professor Hawthorne regularly researches key competitor Canada and believes that even under the new settings Australia remains attractive for students wanting to pursue permanent residency. “Students aren’t going to find an alternative quick and easy, cheap, study-migration pathway,” she said. “It [the new system] is a much more complicated system, but it isn’t in the least hopeless for the study-migration pathway.”

Sector calls for government to kill visa bill. STUDENTS and universities fear the consequences of residency changes. UMUT Ozguc is the kind of foreign research talent Australia needs in order to to fend off the skills shortage, but she is worried she may have to pack and leave the country in 28 days under proposed visa changes.

Universities Australia has called for natural justice for overseas students caught up in the government’s crackdown on dodgy colleges. Ozguc, meanwhile, describes the latest moves concerning residency applications by former overseas students as undemocratic….

….Monash University demographer Bob Birrell says these students – here before the February announcement – could apply for this bridging visa when they finished their courses, even if their occupation was not on the new skilled occupation list.

“So in this sense, overseas students have actually been favoured relative to other potential applicants for Australian visas,” Birrell says…..

Obviously Australians have lost their sense of irony and ability to reflect, especially so for Monash University’s Ed Byrne? His own employee demographer Dr.Bob Birrell of the Centre for Population and Urban Research, in addition to University of Melbourne’s Lesleyanne Hawthorne, have been both informing politicians, media and society about population, immigrants, refugees, overseas students, foreigners and related, in a less than postive light thorugh ambiguity and “dog whistling”.

This has been exemplified by their choice of research, methodology and ignoring or avoiding scrutiny of the benefits of immigration. Hawthorne’s comments basically applaud restrictions that she assumes will lead to increases in “higher quality degrees” but it is unclear what she is trying to say? What may be more important is that study pathways attractive to “Asian” students have been closed or will be more difficult leading to decreased Asian immigration?

Birrell and Hawthorne seem to represent the ageing and baby boomer generations of white Anglo Australians who have reaped the economic benefits of trading with Asia, but like John Howard, rejected “multicultural” Australian society and are not comfortable with increased social mobility with Asia?

They may be happy to know that more (Asian) immigrants will be fully assimilated Australians as we become, like Governor General Bill Hayden once said, more Asian and “cocoa” coloured through high rates of inter marriage to become the best looking people in the world🙂 However I do not think this is what they have in mind….. being influenced by US based anti immigration groups who fear Hispanics, Asians etc. cloaking outdated racial attitudes.

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