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Australian population and immigration growth slows

Australian population and immigration growth slows

Migrant cut slows population growth in Melbourne but crowded city swells further. MELBOURNE’S population hit four million as Victoria’s growth continued to surge last year. But national population growth slowed marginally last year owing to lower immigration, according to a report yesterday from the Australian Bureau of Statistics….

….Public concern over rampant growth and its effect on liveability led the Federal Government to cut migration by more than 20,000 places last year. A major national survey on social attitudes recently found that more than two-thirds of Australians believe the population is big enough. The ABS data reveal that net overseas migration fell by 24,000 to 277,700 last year. There were 295,700 births in Australia, a drop of almost 5000 compared with the year before…

…Australia now has 22.2 million people, up by 432,000 since 2008. The growth rate slowed to 2 per cent last year after peaking at 2.2 per cent in 2008.

By early 2011 will have slowed even more…. then by mid 2011 the federal government will realise that immigration growth, i.e. numbers of permanent residents, not temporary as included in population, such as large but decreasing numbers of overseas students, needs to increase as baby boomers start retiring en masse thia year and tax base decreases while demand for government services such as health, pensions etc. increases… but then again, racists, anti immigrationists, politicans, media, demographers etc. would not be able to run scare campaigns in the media… so while scare campaigns had been active in 2009 about supposed run away population growth, the population growth rates had been slowing significantly…. so now the real estate industry cannot keep claiming that rapid population growth is fueling property prices…

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