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Australian Immigration, Population, Dog Whistling and Leadership

Australian Immigration, Population, Dog Whistling and Leadership

Foreign fee-paying medical students displacing local would-be doctors. A STEEP rise in the number of international trainee doctors in Queensland has sparked calls for their enrolments to be regulated and for the funding of domestic students to be lifted.

The calls from the Australian Medical Students Association and the Australian Medical Association Queensland also come amid concerns overseas medical students, who add to the pressure on clinical training places, return home after qualifying and will not help reduce the shortage of Australian-trained medicos practising here….

Changes to visas ‘will close colleges’. Recent changes to international student visas send the message to prospective students that ”our doors are effectively closed”, putting the sector at risk, says the vice-chancellor of Swinburne University in Melbourne.

”Over the next few months we will see a significant impact across the full tertiary education sector,” Professor Ian Young said. ”In particular, private colleges heavily exposed to international students will be severely impacted. I expect to see college closures in the coming months, [and] such closures will result in reputation damage for all Australian educational institutions.”

Smith backs PM on population
. FORMER electronics tycoon turned anti-immigration campaigner Dick Smith is delighted with the new Prime Minister’s opposition to rampant population growth. Mr Smith also announced yesterday that he would award $1 million cash to a person aged under 25 in a competition to design a population “safety” plan for the nation. Speaking exclusively to BusinessDaily, the millionaire declared he would dedicate the rest of his life to fighting policy that encouraged population growth.

Let the dog whistling begin….. Australia has been subject to US style conservatism that transcends political parties who have become Pepsi vs Coca Cola….. like creationism entered US mainstream through school curricula and media while being euphemistically known as “intelligent design” backed up by “research”, think tanks, personalities etc. racism has entered the Australian mainstream. This is exemplified by scare stories, “research”, etc. about population growth, border security, overseas students, concern for the environment, boat people, and more, being used as proxies for anti immigrationists, racists etc. to implement a neo white Australia policy…..

At best, shows an absolute lack of leadership in politics where neither side of politics will discourage Australians from holding racist views…. Julia Gillard, the new John Howard?

Is it not ironic that both Gillard and Abbott were economic refugees from the UK, probably boat people?

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