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Population, Immigration Policy, Greed, Racism

Population, Immigration Policy, Greed, Racism

New PM’s shift on population at odds with data. JULIA Gillard’s attempt to distance herself from predecessor Kevin Rudd on the question of population growth sits uneasily with the latest population statistics. Released on Thursday as Ms Gillard took the prime ministership, the Bureau of Statistics figures show population growth slowing sharply during 2009, with the growth rate slipping from 2.16 to 1.99 per cent.

The December quarter increase of just 0.41 per cent is lower than at any time during the financial crisis.

Materialism, not migrants, the real issue. THE answer to creating a sustainable Australia lies in more than simply reducing immigration, say talented Melbourne musicians Aminata Doumbia and William Kadima, both recent migrants from Africa. And reining in the country’s increasing materialism could be a start.

”I think there are many things that people can do to protect the environment,” says Ugandan-born Doumbia, who performs in African reggae group Blak Roots with Kadima.

”People want to drive expensive cars, people are very materialistic, you know what I mean? This is how I view it, it’s not fair to just point on the migrants.

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