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Australian International Education Industry, DEEWR and Simon Crean

Australian International Education Industry, DEEWR and Simon Crean

Simon Crean told to use trade nous in education job. A WORRIED international education industry wants a meeting with Simon Crean, as it calls for marketing to counter falling student demand. Julia Gillard yesterday appointed Mr Crean to head up her former portfolio of Education, Workplace Relations and Social Inclusion, reprising the role he played in the Keating government between 1993 and 1996.

The international education sector is hoping Mr Crean’s experience as trade minister in the Rudd government will help to convince the government it needs to do more to address a downturn in student numbers, which is already hitting the English language and vocational sectors.

More than 15 per cent of university sector revenue comes from international students.

The International Education Association of Australia said it was seeking “an early discussion with the minister to mount an urgent strategic communications campaign directed at parents, students, overseas governments and education agents during this period of potential crisis.”

Good luck…. short term political cycles and dog whistling precludes any rational analysis and discussion of the international education market. They could try to explain that the industry as established by Dawkins, benefits Australians of both sides of politics and all ages, it is not just a system for perceived rorting by those Asians…..

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