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Miners seek more workers due to skill shortages

Miners seek more workers due to skill shortages

Miners seeking 6200 workers. MINERS may be upset about the proposed super profits tax, but they are trying to hire workers like never before. New job vacancy figures released yesterday show the mining industry was trying to hire a record 6200 workers in May – far more than at any time during the Howard government’s mining boom. Between February and May the number of mining jobs on offer jumped almost 20 per cent at a time when total vacancies fell 2.5 per cent. The total of 6200 vacancies is head and shoulders above anything ever reached during the previous mining boom when vacancies only once topped 5000. Mining employs fewer than 200,000 Australians yet had 6200 jobs vacant. Manufacturing, which employs almost one million Australians, had 11,200 job vacancies.

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