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Employment Growth and Immigration

Employment Growth and Immigration

Jobs genie defies migration phantom. Julia Gillard might claim “we’re better than that”, but there’s nothing like migration or, heaven forbid, boat people to bring out the worst in politicians’ armoury of dissembling, half-truths and spin – on both sides of parliament.

Too bad the realities of the Australian economy are shuffled off to the side as the government and opposition play to the lowest common denominator in the current election campaign. With better leadership, today’s labour force statistics should bring the reality back into focus: we are facing the problems of success again.

Article Comments.

One would agree, but if you read the comments, it appears that the issue of ‘political correctness’ means being able to throw the whole conflation of negative perceptions about immigration, population, sustainability, refugees, infrastructure, quality of life and ‘the kitchen sink’ at anyone who dares to comment positively about immigration….. at best makes Australians look short term, inflexible and uncompromising, while feigning long term concern, at worst the conflation is proxy racism… personally I do not need people ‘shouting’ on my behalf with opinions I do not agree with….

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