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Australian University Competition Europe Fee Paying Students to Sweden, India

Australian University Competition Europe Fee Paying Students to Sweden, India

SWEDEN: Targeting fee-paying foreigners. Sweden is preparing to introduce tuition fees for non-European students next year, and is taking steps to identify and target countries to highlight its attraction as a study destination.

Last year Sweden registered a sharp increase in the number of foreign students, who represented a quarter of all new enrolments, according to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education in its 2010 Universities and Colleges report.

Students from abroad numbered 24,000 or 12% more than in 2008 and accounted for 25% of new students in 2009. Half the arrivals came from Asia with the largest national groups from China, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh and India.

INDIA: Universities eyeing foreign campuses. While the Indian government is trying to lure foreign institutions with its Foreign Education Providers Bill, Indian universities are opening campuses abroad aiming at a global presence.

The bill aims at helping foreign universities set up campuses in India and is due for implementation next year. Meantime, a host of higher education institutions, including the elite Indian Institutes of Management and Indian Institutes of Technology, are eyeing the foreign market.

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