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Multiculturalism, Refugees and Ethnic Harmony

Multiculturalism, Refugees and Ethnic Harmony

Hope for multiculturalism, found at home in a little city. In a smaller city, unfamiliar faces become familiar. The Lutfiye Albanian Cafe sits in Shepparton’s main street. It is a popular weekday lunch place for locals that offers a wide range of spicy meat and vegetable dishes. Customers sit surrounded by Aboriginal art and under a ceiling covered by an enormous pothos vine.

Unintentionally, that spicy food is a metaphor for what has happened in this community in recent years, and has been noted with interest by the cafe’s owner, Azam Elmaz. It parallels the central Victorian city’s evolution as a byword for ethnic harmony – such that it is claimed the Shepparton name now resonates in refugee camps around the region as a hoped-for goal.

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