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Skills Shortages, Student Security, Welfare, Study to PR

Skills shortage a danger. SKILLS shortages in key professions and vocations have escalated so that they now present a “high to extreme” risk of impeding business operations this year. This is the finding of a survey of 400 companies by the Australian Industry Group. AIG chief executive Heather Ridout said business was “hugely frustrated” that half the respondents cited a lack of both the specialised and underpinning skills and experience in applicants as causing the shortages.

Reduce numbers for better security
. TOUGH measures such as restrictions on the number and type of overseas students coming to Australia, even curfews, have been canvassed in a report aimed at curbing violent attacks on overseas students. The report, by former Australian Institute of Criminology director Adam Graycar, falls short of recommending the measures, but still says students should be chosen on an educational, not permanent residency, basis…..

…However, the options to reduce the attacks are condemned as “offensive” by Australian Council of Private Education and Training chief Andrew Smith. “The suggestion of restrictions from specific countries and relying less on vocational and more on higher education, or imposing curfews in a liberal democracy to some people would be offensive,” Mr Smith said.

….. However, Monash demographer Bob Birrell said Professor Graycar’s report was important, as it made clear overseas students had been enrolled with minimal welfare obligations by colleges. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is in the process of removing the link between study and immigration selection, Dr Birrell said. This would diminish the flow of students who are not primarily interested in a quality education, he said. “The point is that once this connection is severed the student has to be able to calculate that the course completed really is regarded as valuable in the home job market.”

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