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Indian Student Enrolments Big Drop

Indian Student Enrolments Big Drop

Permanent residency loophole closure turns students away. INDIAN students are shunning Australia in the wake of the Federal Government’s crackdown on the international education industry. The number of Indians and other foreigners given visas to study in Australia has slumped in the wake of government moves to block easy access to permanent residency after courses are finished…..

….The surge in student numbers has played a big role in the nation’s rapid population growth in recent years, with about 430,000 international students in Australia in May….

….Monash University immigration expert Bob Birrell yesterday said the figures confirmed the Government’s changes were working. Migration Solutions managing director Mark Glazbrook said the impact on the South Australian economy would be huge. “According to the Federal Government’s own statistics, the average cost of living in South Australia for a student is $18,000 per year,” he said. “If we see a decrease in 5000 students – and that is the figure I’m hearing – then that’s a $90 million loss to our economy.

Further success signal for Bob Birrell would collapse of all Asian markets and Asian immigration?

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