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Australian Universities International Education Competition Study in Europe

International Education Competition Study in Europe

Universities, colleges said to be in need of more foreign students. Hungary’s universities and colleges fail to attract a massive flow of foreign students even if the latter would help them survive amidst the deteriorating demographic conditions, Magyar Nemzet daily said on Friday.

This year merely 3,400 applicants, hardly more than 2 percent of all, were foreigners, said the paper, citing figures of the National Higher Education Information Centre. Most of them arrived from neighbouring countries. Much fewer applicants were registered from western European countries – primarily Germany, Spain and Italy – and from overseas, first of all the United States and Canada. There were some Mongolian, Polish, Afghan, Vietnamese, Russian and Chinese applicants as well.

Hungarian universities and colleges are challenged by a constant decline in the number of students caused by demographic trends. Should this tendency continue, even some prestigious universities will be forced to lay off many of their lecturers in the next 4-5 years and abandon their long-term PPP projects for expansion, economists Peter Akos Bod and Laszlo Arva said in their recent study.

Drawing more foreign paying students would offer a solution. At present 15,000 foreigners are studying in Hungarian universities and colleges, much fewer than the institutions’ capacities would allow, they said.

The two economists see a chance for attracting an additional 15,000 to 20,000 foreign students, increasing their total number by 100-130 percent, in the near future. As the arrival of every ten foreign students creates two jobs in Hungary, an optimistic scenario would involve 4,000 new jobs for lecturers.

Bod and Arva argued that Hungary’s higher education institutions should open their gates first of all to students from Asia and the Arab Peninsula.

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