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DIAC Australian Immigration Department Nation Building

DIAC Australian Immigration Department Nation Building

DIAC celebrating 65 years of Nation Building.

Message from the SecretaryA video message by the Secretary, Mr Andrew Metcalfe.

Immigration Videos

A collection of videos including advertisements and newsreels from the 1940s and interviews recollecting the department’s work following the Second World War.

The Immigration Journey

Information on the department’s establishment, functions and responsibilities.

What’s in a Name?

A list of the names the department has taken since its establishment in 1945, highlighting how the department’s functions and responsibilities have changed throughout the years.

Photo Gallery

A series of photographs depicting the story of immigration following the establishment of the Department of Immigration in 1945.


A collection of historical immigration publications.

The Library History Project

A digital record of documents held in the department’s library.

Annual Address on Immigration and Citizenship

Presented by Professor Ian Chubb, Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University on 17 March 2010.

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