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Student Policy Criticsied as Racist

Student Policy Criticsied as Racist

‘Racist’ proposal slammed. POSTGRADUATES and overseas students have slated a key discussion paper that canvasses reducing overseas student numbers from specific countries to counter race attacks. “It’s totally irresponsible to canvas regressive and racist policies even if it’s only to highlight them as possibilities,” Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations president Tammi Jonas told the HES.

“It’s tantamount to advocating a return to the White Australia policy of the early 20th century,” Council of International Students Australia president Robert Atcheson said. The pair made the comments after former Australian Institute of Criminology head Adam Graycar said the attack targets “could be eliminated or altered” by restricting student numbers from specific countries.

Sponsored by Universities Australia, the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and the Australian Human Rights Commission, the paper fell short of recommending such contentious measures, but said students should be better selected on an educational, rather than residency, basis.

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