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Australian Immigration Policy may Effect Education Industry

Australian Immigration Policy may Effect Education Industry

Immigration cuts to students, family reunions. The Coalition says it wants to cut net migration from around 300,000 a year to 170,000. Under the Coalition’s plan skilled migrants will be spared the chop, but family reunions and students will bear the brunt of the cuts. Net migration is the total number of permanent arrivals to Australia minus the total number of permanent departures.

Professor Peter McDonald is the director of the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute at the ANU. He told David Mark while migration numbers have reached record highs, they’ve also been very volatile….

…The principle problem I think is that we need two things in Australia. One is a plan about future labour supply. We don’t have that. We don’t even estimate future labour demand in Australia over the next even three, four years.

The other major problem we have is about transport infrastructure and I don’t see that there is any major plan for transport infrastructure in all of its aspects.

We need all of those things but migrants are being scapegoated at the moment as being the cause of all of those problems when they are not. It is the failure of government planning.

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