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Economic Prosperity, Well Being and Migration

Economic Prosperity, Well Being and Migration

Let’s raise the standard on migration and stimulus . WE”VE never had it so good, but our politicians are letting us down. NIALL Ferguson is probably the world’s leading economic historian, and not just in the scholarly environment (he is a professor at Harvard University)…

….Ferguson told his audience: “You really never had it so good.” And while he was critical of both government and opposition policy across a range of areas, his message was that Australians shouldn’t get caught up in negatives at the expense of the opportunities we as a nation have….

…..Peter Anderson, sounds more like a politician than a business representative, so inaccurate is his rhetoric. Responding to Abbott’s immigration cap on Monday, he said: “The idea that we should somehow put up the country-full sign is a very negative idea.” Yes it is, but no one is actually saying that.

Abbott’s cap idea is stupid and impractical. Controlling migration levels with a cap won’t work because of the high number of temporary migrants that come each year, coupled with expats who can return home whenever they choose, distorting the figures. That’s what has happened over the past two years because of the global crisis.

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