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AQF Australian Qualifications Framework Quality

AQF Australian Qualifications Framework Quality

AQF Must Support a Baseline for Quality. It is vital that the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is able to effectively sustain the national and international reputation of Australian degrees. As the current cycle of consultation on the revised AQF framework draws to a conclusion, CAPA has released a brief statement in support of the quality of Australian postgraduate degrees.
The importance of teaching and assessment practices

Students often rely on an estimation of the teaching and assessment practices associated with a course to judge the relative merits of undertaking a particular degree. While degree programs are usefully described in terms of learning outcomes at levels 1 through 7 in the revised AQF framework, justifying distinctions between courses at level 8 and above become more difficult without reference to the teaching and assessment practices associated with each degree.

The issue is apart from paper based system and/or process based auditing,what concrete actions are done to directly evaluate actual teaching and learning through intrusive methods?

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