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Asian Immigration Australian Population

Asian Australian Population

Asia-born population matching local born. AUSTRALIA’S Asia-born population was growing almost as fast as the Australian-born population in the year before the federal government cracked down on immigration rorts, new figures show.

The Bureau of Statistics’ annual migration estimates show Australia’s migrant population rose by more than a million in the five years to 2009, topping the 808,000 growth of the Australian-born….

….The figures predate federal government moves to shut the back door through which foreign students in low-level courses have stayed on in Australia as workers. In 2009-10, student visa grants have fallen by 70,000 or 31 per cent, with net long-term arrivals showing a similar fall…

….In all, 135,165 foreign students started courses of one kind or another, but only 26,423 returned home. Part of that was because the industry was growing very fast, but part was because for many, studying in Australia was a stepping stone to permanent residency…

…The British remain Australia’s largest migrant group, with 1,188,247 permanent and temporary residents in mid-2009.

New Zealanders are second with 529,178 residents.

Congratulations to Bob Birrell whoops sorry Tim Colebatch and The Age for showing evidence about what politics is about today and that Australia has not moved on since the days of the “white Australia” policy….. Every conflated issue and confused keyword with negative connotations related to immigration, population, gets a mention….. Dog whistling and the ugly Australian racial issues lurking below….. bit no discussion of significant numbers of British or New Zealanders, Working Holiday Visa makers etc.?

Rememberif these “Asians” are so significant, then as a prospective voting constituency both parties better to be careful if they wish to stay relevant in future to all Australians both conservative and liberal ….similar for Republicans re. Arizona laws..

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