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So where the bloody hell are they?

So where the bloody hell are they?

So where the bloody hell are they? TOURISM guru has a confronting message for Australia’s flagging tourism industry – step out of the comfort zone or bow out. The secretary-general of the World Tourism Organisation says Australia needs to ditch the “island mentality” that bred complacency and a misplaced belief that international holidaymakers would beat a path to its door. “Australia has lived for a long time . . . happy with its isolation,” Dr Rifai says. “That’s not going to work any more.”…

…Since its 1980s heyday when tourism challenged coalmining as a national income earner and the winter-sun destinations of Cairns and Port Douglas were thronged with Japanese tourists, the industry has lost its lustre. Today, unemployment in once-booming Cairns is in double figures, nudging twice the national average.

….British-based designer Nick Talbot says it is easy to recognise the potential of tourism from China and India, but quite another thing to cater for it. “The source of new tourism for the world is going to be India,” Mr Talbot says. “It is coming.”

One could add, not helped by the domestic climate regarding “foreigners” e.g. Indian students, refugees, “sustainable population” etc. Australia seems to want to promote its identity rather than as an interesting tourism destination relevant to prospective visitors. Quite ironic that Tourism Australia’s “Where the bloody hell are you?” campaign was on Opposition Immigration Minister’s watch when Morrison was Head. These days he is more likely to say “Wherever the bloody hell you are just stay there!”

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